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Warranty and Repair

  • What is your Warranty?

Curtiss Custom Knives LLC are built to last and come with an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty within reason.  When I say within reason, it just means to use common sense. Your knife is not a screwdriver, pry bar or an ax. Don’t use it in that manner. Use it for what a knife is designed for, cutting. Now I don’t care if you are the original owner or the 10th owner. I warranty the knife, not the person. But if for some reason, your knife is defective due to materials or workmanship, I will repair your knife, including parts and labor, or replace it with a new knife at my discretion. If damage was cause by the end user, the knife will be repaired and/or refinished at a reasonable shop rate. I will void the warranty if the knife was modified/"pimped" by someone else. Some customers have asked about having their knives anodized by someone else so to clarify, its fine to have to have this done, but if any damage is done in this process, it will not be covered by warranty. 

  • What kind of Maintenance do you recommend for my knife?

I recommend routine maintenance to keep your knife in excellent condition and working order (even if you don’t use the knife on a regular basis). A simple cleaning and lube is all that's needed. Spray WD-40 down both sides of the pivot area and blow out with air. No need to disassemble.

  • Do you offer modifications on your knives?

I am not accepting requests for modifications/ "pimp jobs" on my knives any longer. It is just too time consuming and not cost effective to do. Please enjoy your knife the way I built it.

  • What is the turn around time for repair?

While I strive to get your knife back to you as soon as possible, things take time. I will not hurry to sacrifice quality. It make take a week for a simple repair up to a few weeks if it is more involved.

  • Sharpening?

I sharpen all of my knives on a 20 degree edge. You are welcome to send me your knife for sharpening if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

  • Shipping Info.

Please send your knife with a note as to your concerns with it to:
Curtiss Custom Knives LLC

P.O. Box 274

Granger, IN. 46530

Curtiss Custom Knives LLC will not assume responsibility for items shipped to other addresses.

Ceramic caged bearing system.

Ceramic caged bearing system.